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What defines us!

“Tech communities is much more than belonging to something; it is about doing something together that makes belonging matter” ~ Brian Solis.

These communities are bounded by a shared code of conduct to help and respect each other all through their sustainable and intellectually stimulating growth process and stages in the tech ecosystem. HachStacks provides a platform and a searchlight for identifying techoriented minds with burning passion in learning more, nurture them by providing resources necessary for their growth, encourage and mentor through regular meetups and events, access to carefully selected patrons and resource persons.

Our Root!

HachStacks was formed by six (6) student tech enthusiasts in Akwa Ibom State University in 2021. The body houses all students and individuals interested in learning and teaching others digital skills relevant in the evolutionary technology world.
HachStacks aims at identifying tech minds,

  • Connect, guide, teach and allow them

  • Explore, the tech ecosystem with access to premium resources that will help them

  • Grow into tech giants.

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hachstacks website image

Our Mission

To HATCH great minds and potentials into tech careers by ADDING value and directing their tech career path through COMMUNITY mentoring, events, internships, hackathons, meetups, access to premium courses, job offers, etc. These we believe will HELP our community members to grow.

Our Slogan

Connect, Explore and Grow!

“When you see someone as involved in the process as you are, it results in an intense drive and motivation” ~ HachStacks

Community Corner

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